The 3 things your Pins need!

Updated: Jan 16

Images are very important to Pinterest marketing since it is a visual search engine. So the way you create your pins really affects your results and the views you get. So in this post I’m going to talk you through how to create the perfect pin and the kind of images Pinterest loves!

Lets start with SIZE

Pinterest prefers 2:1 ratio images over square images. So make sure you create your image in an app like Canva which has Pinterest templates at the correct size - easy!

Next thing is IMAGE TYPE

You can either use your own product images or use stock photos from websites such as Pexels. Just make sure the images are not too dark and busy. You want it to stand out in the Pinterest feed so bright, clear and crisp is best.

Text Overlay

Make it easy for your viewers to know straight away what your pin is about. Clear easy to read fonts are best. I like to use a coloured strip to help is stand out but I make it transparent so the image is still visible.

And that’s pretty much it! Easy peasy! So remember size, image quality and text overlay and you’re on to a winner.

Next time on the blog I’ll be talking about strategies and how to implement them.

Happy pinning! 📌 Steph

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