Is your website Pinterest ready?

So you are ready to put everything into your Pinterest marketing or at least pay someone (perhaps me) to do it all for you. Either way you’re investing time or money into something so your business can grow and make more sales, right? That’s great! And a very good decision to make. But is your website ready for all this new traffic?

Here’s what I mean:

Say you sell personalised mugs, and you‘re sending lots of awesome traffic to your website with people who have searched on Pinterest for special mugs for a gift. They click on your pin and arrive at your site to be met with a basic description of what you make and how you make them but they don’t see a quick and easy way to buy. They will just hit that X button and head back to Pinterest to click on the next persons pin. You need to make it easy for them! And make sure your competition doesn‘t get your sale!

By this I mean make sure your website is set up for e-commerce and so that all they have to do is hit add to cart and pay. It may cost you a bit more to have a website set up this way but trust me it will be worth it!

So before you start investing time or money into sending people to your website make sure your website is set up so they make that purchase from you and don’t got else where!

Thanks for reading - Happy Pinning!

P.s if you’re looking to invest in a Pinterest Manager, please contact me to discuss how I can help you -

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