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Updated: Jan 16

So you have your Pinterest business account but you're just pinning randomly and unsure what it is you should be doing to up your game? Sound familiar? Let's take a look at some of the best practices for Pinterest marketing.


Before we get into it, you should know that Pinterest is a long-term game that takes patience and commitment. If you are looking to create overnight traffic and sales then Pinterest might not be for you. If done right, Pinterest will send potential customers to your site for months and years to come!

Okay so let's dive in!

How to design a strategy that converts clicks into signups or sales

You should be thinking like your ideal customer. When are they online? What are they searching for? What keywords are they using to find you? Keep this all in mind when you are creating pin and board descriptions. The Pinterest search bar is a great tool to find keywords. Type in your subject and take note of the suggested words that appear underneath it, use these words in your descriptions to make them keyword rich and also to add hashtags to your pin. But don't go overboard with hashtags, just a few good ones is enough for Pinterest. *EDIT January 2021 - the jury is out on hashtags at the moment, watch this space for more news soon!

Your images should be clean and crisp! By this I mean no images with busy backgrounds and hard to read text. Make it easy for your viewers to read what the pin is about and use a background image that is easy on the eye but scroll-stopping good!

You should be pinning consistently. The amount of pins you do is up to you but my advice would be to try and pin around 10-25 pins daily. This can be a mix of your own pins and re-pins, but remember Pinterest has recently made it known that they now prefer "Fresh" images so pinning your own newly created pins is favoured by Pinterest (at the moment JULY 2020, it changes a lot!)

Now although Pinterest has it's own scheduling tool it is very limited to what you can do so you may want to invest in Tailwind which is a scheduling tool recommended by Pinterest. It allows you to schedule your pins for the week ahead or even month ahead and add them to a smartloop so it will continue to re-pin for you at scheduled intervals. You can sign up for a free trial here.

Once you have your pin schedule worked out the next thing to think about is following the right pinners. You should be following other influential pinners in your niche. You can do a search of your niche and select "people" so it will show you accounts instead of pins. Check out their account, make sure its active and relative to your niche then click follow.

Another thing to search for is group boards. These can be tricky to find but if you can get accepted to some group boards this will get your pins seen by a huge audience. I tend to search for my subject and add group board to it, for example "Pinterest Marketing Group Boards" then select "boards" and a whole lot of boards should appear. Good group boards tend to have thousands of pins in it so look out for ones with a high number of pins and click on it. There should be a "join" button but if there isn't then the description should have instructions on how to join their board.

Once you're accepted into group boards you can pin your own pins to it and all the other group members will see it and be able to re-pin it to their audience! Woohoo!

So these are the most important things to up your Pinterest strategy game. The main thing is BE CONSISTENT and you will see a difference in your views and clicks through to your website.

Until next week

Happy Pinning!

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