Why your business needs a Pinterest Manager.

Updated: Aug 4

If you are a blogger or a small business owner, then you will no doubt be interested in ways to market your brand online and offline.  Well, while I can't help with the offline part, I can certainly help you understand why hiring a Pinterest Manager is a huge benefit to your online marketing.

So, What is a Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest Manager is someone who is an expert in Pinterest marketing and is available to manage an account for a specific amount of time, and also complete one-off tasks for a blogger or business owner, such as; designing new pins, cleaning up a neglected account, joining group boards or optimising SEO. The list is goes on! But the good thing about working closely with a Pinterest Manager is they can tailor their services to your needs, how awesome! 

Why should you hire a Pinterest Manager?

The main benefits of having someone take care of your Pinterest marketing are;

1. They are specialists in this area and enjoy spending time on Pinterest, which you may not.


2. They will be up to date about the latest algorithm change to Pinterest (and it happens a lot!)


2. You can focus on other areas of your business like creating products or networking while they do all your day to day pinning etc. 

Many people overlook Pinterest as a way of getting their business seen as it just seems like a visual pin board where people save an item and then forget about it. But with 150 million monthly active users, 93% of which use their Pinterest accounts to plan future purchases, it is so much more! 87% of people on Pinterest have purchased a product because they saw it on the visual search engine. 

In terms of comparing Pinterest to Social Media platforms for businesses, a Pin will "live" longer in front of your potential clients, as the life of a Pin is 1,600 times longer than that of a Facebook post! 

So consider opening a Pinterest business account and get more traffic to your website, but also consider outsourcing it to a Pinterest Manager and still have some free time!

If you would like a free Pinterest account audit, drop me an email or use the contact me form on my website and I will be in touch!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Pinning! 


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